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Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets

Make the Most of What You Already Have

Part 2: Refinishing Cabinets

We refinished our hardwood floors and loved how much it transformed the feel of the home.  It brought a warmth to the place that we loved, but the dark wood next to our original honey oak cabinets looked odd.  The oak cabinets are good quality solid wood and the interior were upgraded with custom slide-outs and just like the floor I couldn’t justify pulling them out just because I didn’t like the “look”.  So began the search for just what to do with the cabinets.

The options of paint are endless and you would be surprised, how much refinishing kitchen cabinets, can update the look of your current kitchen, thus adding value to your home.  This Old House states:  “Often, minor improvements can yield major dividends. According to Remodeling magazine’s annual analysis of cost versus value, a kitchen “face-lift” — painting, refinishing surfaces, and upgrading appliances — will return more than a full redesign. The key to spending less is spending it wisely. “If you take $20,000 and spend it judiciously on a kitchen, you can make it look a million times better,” says Remodeling senior editor Jim Cory, who supervises the survey. “The design and product selection are key.””

This lead us to the decision to refinish the kitchen cabinets with paint and glaze.  We took it a step further and removed one of the cabinets to create a more current, open space, that flowed easily from kitchen to family room.

Our kitchen also has never had hardware on the cabinets.  Adding some custom hardware helped to finish the look and bring it all together and was a quick and low cost way to add value.


IMG_0075   IMG_0117


IMG_6476 IMG_6470

We love how it turned out and look forward to replacing the countertops!