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How to Get the Highest Value On Your Home Appraisal

Whether you are looking to refinance or sell your home, you are going to need a home appraisal.  How to get the highest value on your home appraisal?  You are going to need to prepare your home prior to the appraisal to maximize value.  By preparing your home before the appraisal not only maximizes value, it also ensures that the process is not jeopardized.  If your appraisal doesn’t go well, your refinance or sell may become more stressful than you could imagine and your deal might fall flat.

To best prepare for your appraisal, you are going to want to become familiar with the appraisal process.

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To Maximize Value Take a Fresh Look at Your Home

You will want to put your homes best face forward in order to obtain the best valuation of your home.  Before an appraisal, try to look at the interior and exterior of your home addressing any issues so that your house looks clean and well-kept.

Start with the outside of Your Home

If weather allows, mow and trim the lawn.  Address any broken fence areas, stairs, guard rails and down pipes.  Clear debris and trim plants from the walkways.

Next take a look at the exterior of your home.  Do you have any peeling paint, cracked or missing bricks?  Peeling paint is one of the big things appraisers looks at.  Peeling paint can quickly tie up FHA mortgages and sometimes even kill the loan.  It is absolutely worth your time and money to repaint any worn or damaged areas to avoid any hold ups.

Next take a look at the inside of your home

After you’ve addressed everything outside, enter your front door and get a look at everything through your appraisers eyes.  A clean and organized home projects a positive view and can increase the appraised value.  If your home needs some relativity-minor repairs, they may hurt your appraisal.  Fixing or replacing all non-functioning doors, torn screens, worn out carpet and basic plumbing and light fixtures may not cost you much time or effort and may make the difference between a higher condition rating.

Keep your appraiser’s comfort in mind

You don’t need to do anything special for your appraiser.  Just allow them to do their job efficiently and effectively.  Give them space to work, allowing them to complete their process without asking questions that distract and keeps them from focusing.  Questions are best kept for the end of the inspection once they have completed their process.  If you have a dog, lock them up to keep them from jumping or barking at them while working.  Again, your questions are welcome and the appraiser is happy to answer them after they have finished gathering the necessary information.

Keep track of all repairs or updates to your home

A new water heater, furnace, air conditioning unit, etc. might not be visible to the eye, point it out so that your appraiser is aware of it and can give you the credit for your updates.  Many people offer a printed list of the home repairs.  This is helpful and appreciated by your appraiser.

The bottom line is to get the most out of your appraisal without too much stress.  Appraisers are trained to be careful and fair in their inspections, you just want to make it as easy for them as possible to see the value.